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A Californian Marvel
Tasman Drive Santa Clara California
Projects in Santa Clara

On Tasman Drive in Santa Clara, a striking architectural marvel unfolds, bearing the distinctive touch of not one, but two of Kleidco’s flagship products—Icon 70 and FS 50. Together, these systems breathe life into the structure, reflecting the harmony of innovation and design. Icon 70, with its emphasis on strength, safety, and aesthetics, addresses the building’s window and door facets, transforming them into veritable art. In tandem, the FS 50 facade system steps in, offering a degree of flexibility and transparency that few others can match, encapsulating the exterior in a modern cloak of brilliance. Beyond their visual appeal, the integration of both systems ensures optimal performance metrics, from thermal efficiency to wind resistance. This edifice on Tasman Drive isn’t just another building; it’s a testament to what is achievable when two powerhouses of design, Icon 70 and FS 50, come together under the Californian sun.