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The Iconic Integration of ICON 70 at Evergreen Ave
499 and 511 Evergreen Avenue Brooklyn NY

In the heart of Brooklyn’s bustling avenues, the structures at 499 and 511 Evergreen Avenue stand as paragons of contemporary architectural prowess, enhanced by the infusion of Kleidco’s ICON 70. An epitome of innovation, ICON 70 seamlessly amalgamates strength, safety, and sustainable practices with a design that’s unmistakably aesthetic. Curated with advanced insulated casements, these structures resonate with the demands of modern markets, boasting exterior architectural elements that prioritize both thermal and acoustic insulation. ICON 70’s adaptability means it answers varied architectural and design calls within a singular system, making it the quintessential choice for projects that demand premium aluminum architecture of the highest performance. The incorporation of Hidden Vent & bonded Vent options further elevates the system’s utility, cementing Kleidco’s commitment to crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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