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Modern architectural elegance
1407 Manhattan Avenue Union City NJ

Rising proudly amidst the vibrant landscapes of Union City, 1407 Manhattan Avenue stands as a paragon of contemporary architectural elegance, its very essence accentuated by Kleidco’s iconic ICON 70 system. Marrying durability with a design sensibility that speaks to modern aesthetics, ICON 70 beautifully complements the building’s structural nuances, elevating its presence in the cityscape. Located in a nexus of culture and urban dynamism, 1407 Manhattan Avenue, through its use of ICON 70, offers not only a visually arresting facade but also guarantees optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, crafting a sanctuary of serenity for its inhabitants. This project, in the heart of Union City, exemplifies the synergy between innovative architectural ambition and the unmatched capabilities of ICON 70, showcasing a commitment to both form and function.

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