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Where Prime Window Frames the City's Pulse
495 Broadway Ave New York NY

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, 495 Broadway emerges as an architectural masterpiece, its essence accentuated by Kleidco’s Prime Window system. Designed for both aesthetic allure and unparalleled efficiency, Prime Window seamlessly integrates into the building, offering a minimalist facade that maximizes the field of view, blurring the boundaries between the bustling streets and the tranquil interiors. With its distinctive hidden sash design and robust frame, it not only enhances the architectural aesthetics but also stands as a bulwark against New York’s diverse climatic challenges. Beyond its visual splendor, the system offers residents superior thermal insulation, ensuring a serene, energy-efficient sanctuary amidst the city’s constant dynamism. At 495 Broadway, the Prime Window doesn’t just serve as a barrier; it becomes a lens, capturing and framing the vibrant rhythms of New York in an elegant embrace.s.

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