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Introducing Kleidco: Your Complete Aluminum Solution
Why Kleidco?
  •  In collaboration with sister company Saray Aluminum since 1980.
  •  Solid ownership and management continuity.
  • Unique from raw aluminum to ready-to-install glazing products.
  • Vertical integration with cast house, die house, extrusion presses, powder coating, anodizing, and assembly.
  • NAMI and third-party US certifications for products.
  • Committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards.
  • Single-source responsibility for builders.
  • Transparent warranty terms, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Factory-to-building delivery, eliminating middlemen.
  • Minimized transit and handling risks.
  • Windows, doors, storefronts, unitized curtain walls, balustrades, ACP, and more.
  • Full customization – profiles, accessories, and solutions tailored to projects.
  • Solar energy and wind turbines utilization.
  • Pioneering recycled aluminum with a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Facilities in Turkey, France, USA.
  • International references showcase our excellence.
  • Expertise to create designs that meet your vision.
  • Efficiently translate concepts to reality.
  • Strict adherence to lead times.
  • On-time project completion, every time.
  • Custom packing and crating as per project requirements.
  • Adaptive to diverse project needs.
  • Cutting-edge automated systems for minimal human errors.
  • Consistent quality and precision in every product.
  • Over 2M sq. ft. area in Turkey and the region.
  • Unmatched in scale and capability.
  • Rooted in family values, dedicated to excellence.

At Kleidco, our rich history is woven with an unyielding commitment to excellence in the aluminum industry. Since our inception, we’ve proudly collaborated with the esteemed Saray Aluminum, a testament to our relentless pursuit of top-tier quality and innovation. This partnership, spanning over four decades, underscores our dedication to providing only the finest aluminum solutions. Furthermore, our stability is solidified by a leadership team whose vision has remained consistent and unwavering. As we look to the future, we are grounded by our storied past, and it is this legacy that ensures our customers always receive the best in service, product, and overall experience.

Kleidco is your unmatched ally in aluminum solutions, infusing each project with innovation, superior quality, and a commitment to sustainability.


Kleidco stands out as a beacon of complete integration in the aluminum industry. Our approach isn’t just about producing aluminum; it’s about mastering every step of the process. From the initial stages of raw aluminum production to the meticulous crafting of ready-to-install glazing products, we’ve perfected each segment. Our unique vertical integration encompasses a variety of crucial processes, including our in-house cast and die houses, state-of-the-art extrusion presses, advanced powder coating and anodizing facilities, and a seamless assembly line. This end-to-end mastery ensures not only unparalleled product quality but also a more efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients. With Kleidco, you’re choosing a partner that truly understands aluminum from its core to its final, polished presentation.

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Completed Projects
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At Kleidco, we pride ourselves on holding global recognitions that attest to our commitment to excellence. Our products have garnered the esteemed NAMI certification as well as numerous third-party endorsements from the US, ensuring our customers that they are receiving items that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. But we don’t just stop at meeting industry benchmarks; our ethos drives us to consistently surpass them. This relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with our dedication to global best practices, underscores our promise to deliver nothing short of the best, each time, every time.

Introducing Kleidco’s exclusive Blue Sticker Program, designed with builders in mind. Recognizing the complexities and challenges that builders face, we’ve streamlined the process by offering single-source responsibility. No longer will builders need to liaise with multiple entities, as we take the helm, providing clarity and coherence from start to finish. Additionally, we believe in full transparency, especially when it comes to warranty terms. Our straightforward and transparent warranty provisions ensure that our clients can proceed with their projects with absolute peace of mind, knowing that Kleidco stands firmly behind the quality and durability of its offerings.


At Kleidco, we’ve revolutionized the way you receive our premium aluminum products with our Direct to Your Door service. Recognizing the challenges and potential pitfalls of conventional delivery chains, we’ve opted for a direct factory-to-building delivery approach. By eliminating the middlemen, not only do we ensure a more cost-effective solution for our customers, but we also drastically reduce the risks associated with transit and multiple handlings. This method guarantees that the products you receive are in the same pristine condition as when they left our facility, ensuring optimum performance and longevity in every installation.

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Kleidco presents a comprehensive suite of aluminum products, ensuring we cater to every facet of your architectural and design needs. Whether you’re in the market for top-tier windows, doors, expansive storefronts, state-of-the-art unitized curtain walls, sturdy balustrades, or versatile ACPs, we’ve got you covered. But our offerings aren’t just vast—they’re adaptable. We understand that every project comes with its unique specifications and aesthetic goals. That’s why we provide full customization options, from intricate profiles to specialized accessories. At Kleidco, we don’t just offer products; we craft solutions meticulously tailored to bring your projects to life with precision and elegance.