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Tropical Elegance Meets ICON 70's Prowess
Payne Residence Maui

Nestled within the paradisiacal landscapes of Maui, the Payne Residence emerges as a harmonious blend of tropical elegance and contemporary design, accentuated by the distinct touch of Kleidco’s ICON 70. This revered window and door system, celebrated for its fusion of resilience, eco-consciousness, and avant-garde aesthetics, finds a fitting backdrop in the serene surroundings of the Hawaiian island. With ICON 70’s advanced insulated casements, the Payne Residence not only harmonizes with Maui’s ethereal beauty but also ensures superior thermal and acoustic insulation, capturing the essence of luxury living in a tropical haven. As the sun sets over the Pacific, casting golden hues upon the island, the Payne Residence stands as a testament to architectural mastery, where the spirit of Maui intertwines seamlessly with the innovation of ICON 70.

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