Versatility: Spectral 127 is a highly versatile window wall system, perfect for a wide range of architectural projects, from modern offices to residential complexes. Its modular design allows for flexible configurations to suit any aesthetic.
High Thermal Performance: Designed with advanced thermal break technology, Spectral 127 delivers exceptional energy efficiency, reducing heat transfer and lowering utility costs while maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.
Adaptable with Doors: Seamlessly integrate doors with Spectral 127 for a cohesive design. From sliding to swing doors, this system ensures a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces without compromising performance.
Four-Side Captured with Receptors: Featuring a four-side captured design with receptors, Spectral 127 offers superior structural integrity, weather resistance, and security, making it ideal for challenging environments and high-wind zones.

Performance Values
Performance Values
TS EN 12207 Air Permability NA
TS EN 12208 Water Tightness NA
TS EN 12210 Wind Load Resistance NA
EN 10.077-2 Thermal Insulation Uw: 1,44 W/m².K
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
System Frame Depth 56 mm
System Visible Width (Fixed) 48 – 80 mm
System Visible Width (Vent) 42 – 60 mm
System Sash Depth 56 mm
Max. Glazing Thickness (Frame) 36 mm
Max. Glazing Thickness (Vent) 46 mm
Thermal Insulation (Frame) 20 mm (Polyamid)
Thermal Insulation (Vent) 16 mm (Polyamid)