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Modern architectural elegance
1661-1671 Summerfield ST Brooklyn NY

Amid the lively streets of Brooklyn, the edifices at 1661-1671 Summerfield Street radiate architectural distinction, fortified by the combined prowess of Kleidco’s ICON 70 and Nova Slide systems. The ICON 70, renowned for its synthesis of strength and aesthetic grace, seamlessly integrates with the building’s facade, lending it an aura of modern sophistication. In complement, the Nova Slide introduces fluidity and adaptability, allowing spaces to transition effortlessly while optimizing light and view corridors. Together, these systems not only elevate the building’s architectural narrative but also encapsulate a harmonious blend of design, functionality, and innovation. At 1661-1671 Summerfield Street, every brick, pane, and slide resonates with the commitment to excellence that both Kleidco products exemplify, crafting a space that truly embodies Brooklyn’s eclectic spirit and contemporary aspirations.

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