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Unique Slide


With a low-threshold Frame profile of only 21.5 mm height, users are provided with the opportunity to move on the ground easily. The system allows the use of glass up to 46mm in the frame and 40mm in width on the sash. The system, which can be collected with a 90-degree cut, provides a minimum profile view with only 25 mm frame profile, and is also one of the successful Lift & Slide systems in the market.
The Unique Slide sliding system, designed with the principle of providing minimum profile usage and easy manufacturing and assembly possibilities, maintains its distinctive place among the industry rivals with its innovations. With its 50 mm visible width alternative profiles, narrow clamp option is provided, which provides maximum panoramic view to the users. It offers superior thermal performance thanks to its 18 mm polyamide barrier structure and EPDM wicks. With its Euro-Groove channel structure, it is in harmony with the opening accessories of different brands and types. The system allows multi-point locking.

Performance Values
Performance Values
TS EN 12207 Air Permability NA
TS EN 12208 Water Tightness NA
TS EN 12210 Wind Load Resistance NA
EN 10.077-2 Thermal Insulation Uw: 1,44 W/m².K
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
System Frame Depth 140 mm
System Visible Width (Fixed) 25 mm
System Visible Width (Vent) 98 mm
System Sash Depth 56 mm
System Middle Section Depth 129 mm
Min. Glazing Thickness 10 mm
Max. Glazing Thickness 40 mm
Min. Sash Dimensions 800 mm x 1900 mm
Max. Sash Dimensions 2600 mm x 3000 mm
Thermal Break Thickness 15 – 18 mm
Max. Sash Weight 400 Kg
Heat Graph
This calculation has been made with 0,60 W/m2.K Ug value glass filling.