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Spectral 90:Introducing the Spectal 90 Architectural Window and Door System, a cutting-edge solution that combines superior thermal performance with unmatched versatility. Our system offers a range of opening options, including casement, awning, in-swing, and out-swing terrace doors, all designed to meet the diverse needs of modern architectural projects.

Key Features:
– High Thermal Performance: Our windows and doors are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs while maintaining indoor comfort.
– Versatility: The Spectal 90 system is highly adaptable, allowing for seamless integration into a wide range of architectural designs and styles.
– Various Opening Options: Choose from casement, awning, in-swing, and out-swing terrace doors to suit your project’s specific requirements.
– ADA Compliance : Our doors are equipped with ADA-compliant thresholds and kick plates, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and performance with the Spectal 90 Architectural Window and Door System.

Performance Values
Performance Values
TS EN 12207Air PermabilityNA
TS EN 12208Water TightnessNA
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceNA
EN 10.077-2Thermal InsulationUw: 1,031 W/m2.K 
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
System Frame Depth 56 mm
System Visible Width (Fixed) 48 – 80 mm
System Visible Width (Vent) 42 – 60 mm
System Sash Depth 56 mm
Max. Glazing Thickness (Frame) 36 mm
Max. Glazing Thickness (Vent) 46 mm
Thermal Insulation (Frame) 20 mm (Polyamid)
Thermal Insulation (Vent) 16 mm (Polyamid)