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Prime Slide


Side and bottom frames are completely hidden inside the floor, presentation a much more transparent area experience in the Prime Slide series. Hidden frames allow to users with a comfortable movement area by providing a floor transition between inside and outside. Minimum profile view provides maximum viewing pleasure with elegant clamp combination at Prime Slide series and provide easy operation with manuel or smart engine technologies. The system enable to 90 degrees in and out rotation. Furthermore, provide superior security at RC2 class with hidden locking mechanism. The system, which offers superior insulation values in hot and cold weather with its special wick structure and fiberglass polyamide profile features, provides high energy savings in your building

Performance Values
Technical Specifications
System Frame Depth 62 mm
System Visible Middle Width 35 mm
System Sash Depth 50 mm
System Thickness 145 mm
Glazing Thickness 36 mm
Min. Sash Dimensions 3000 mm
Max. Sash Dimensions 4000 mm
Thermal Break Thickness 30 mm
Max. Sash Weight 950 Kg