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Icon 84 HI


Unmatched thermal performance and sustainable design. Ideal for Passive Haus projects, it offers ultra-thermal performance, customizable options, and seamless integration. With Passive House compliance and quality assurance, ensure durability, reliability, and energy efficiency for a sustainable future. Ultra Thermal Performance : Exceptional insulation for energy efficiency.

Passive House Compliant: Meets rigorous standards for sustainability. Customizable Options: Tailored to project specifications. 

Durable and Reliable: Withstands harsh conditions. 

Seamless Integration: Complements other building elements. 

Quality Assurance: Built to industry and Passive House standards. Elevate your Passive House project with ICON 84’s unmatched thermal performance and sustainable design.

Performance Values
Technical Specifications
Heat Graph
This calculation has been made with 0,60 W/m2.K Ug value glass filling.